instruction is indeed, vqy^ useful, and nothing better can be devised
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horribles pustules qui provieunent de lamaladie, et elles vont inocu-
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have caused oedema of the ankle. Disease of the hip-joint can be put
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the kidney. They may possibly serve as nuclei for stone formation.
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cases treated in private practice. In each case the method of
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much of " noises in her head ;" the urine is very scanty — about half a
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the child the more nearly do the phenomena approach the adult
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reactions in the skin. It is the same in the scrofulous von Pirquet, in
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not be fully and clearly established, but there is no
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idea that she was paralyzed. 2. The hemiplegia had pe-
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with the presence of pneumococci of Types I and II.
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ol the surgeon to protect the interests ot his anesthetist,
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servation within the past year. A. Hamilton ^ has made an important
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advance of all methods hitherto practised by any school.
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Asylums in Ireland," by Dr. Joseph Lalor : a review, entirely
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become the scat of a local syphilitic process. This fact
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cousin M. Soc, Madison, 1892, xxvi, 279-28U.— IHimiphry.
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8. All mixtures, one-half to one fluid ounce. 9. All spirits, one-half to one
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ond paralyzing the peripheral sensory nerves and posterior
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phthisis, only 37 of whom had been born in the Colony, all the rest
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thelium has disappeared from most of the circumference. The exudate is inti-