veins of the neck, then we have strong reason for suspecting that
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less and unnecessary opening of the peritoneum in excision of
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long time, until it has ceased its motion and become round, a dark
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necessary, and will be required for years after the present rebellion
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lobules, each called an acinus. The whole liver is penetrated by
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acid will permit some crystalization in the pelvis of the kidney,
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kel, A., Reports Concerning Influenza, Deutsche med. Wochenschr., 1894, Vereins-
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Resident Medical Officer has the general superintendence of the Patients in th6 Medical
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the patient is put on board ship. In every case pro-
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General Hospital, in place of Dr. Shaw, who has resigned. — It
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more than his companions. After completing more than
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with references to recent literature, reviews of technical procedures,
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that it is much more oblique, nearly horizontal, in fact, in the
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" Finally, what are the relations which may have existed
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of this may obtain. A feature of the disease is its progressive character, as
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sneezing, and an occasional attack of cougtiing. A brief
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base. Where the vesicles were close together the skin was swollen and
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wondering whether there is really a close connection
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ton oil, carefullj' applied, in such a manner as to transform the patch
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intimate relations with that family, it is probable that Dee
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finest productions, from the point of view of both letter-press
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individuals, a contrast is exhibited when the transmission of variola, for
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Pages 19-20, Table LVII.3. Under "Final disposition in CON .
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gibts and physicians, two of whom can scarcely be found to agree, show, that the
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6. See references given by Norris and Pappenheimer : Jour. Exper. Med.,
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by which they are generally induced is not present. In this way fits
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of water, albumen, and the salts of the serum of the blood. It is easily