branes. Dr. M'Clintock mentioned a case in his practice
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population, though the Western division follows closely with a
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sults of these two methods. Recognizing fully the value-
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hardening depending on the particular individual tendency to
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months after the injury, r^-Much pfiin in the iujtf,red limb. — Reflex
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tentment. Either her complaint is exaggerated in the telling
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Must we for ever repeat that practice can only be the result
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from the beginning and in which men live long, but the}^ have
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sometimes becomes so urgent as to deprive the patient of sleep,
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defined. An exudation is a solid or semi-solid morbid product derived from
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Ii^ a former communication ^ the acute abdomen, with reference
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In making an incision in the median line of the abdominal wall just
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pentastomata reach the nose either from the lips or pharynx and
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connecting portion) and about 1 mm. (-^ in.) external diameter, so that
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observer, and that he was very particular to set down
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in obvious relation with rheumatism. '^ The endocarditis
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In several instances a diagnosis of pancreatic lithiasis has been made
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* Alth'iUgn Werner hiul a ease of haeinorrliage for four days follow-
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man in 24 hours are thus stated by Dr.'Dalton : —
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or two instances of death as the result of the consumma-
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serum obtained from the blood of rabbits showing marked degen-
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to the memory of the restorer of English learning, and at the
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order to stop the hemorrhage. M. Sanson does not attempt to resolve
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belief that before many years have passed prophylactic
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of cases of yellow fever during life and the blood and
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