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quently repeated. In muscular rheumatism and in rheumatic
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furtherance of the local disease, and means that will rectify these
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among old persons very long sighted, among individuals
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rabbits from 99° to 104° Fahr., in cats from 101° to 102°
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chance, — in a word, all manifestations of powder, att-rere-
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If there is no special indication for some other, we prescribe
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1898. Wesbrook, F. F., State Board of Health, Minneapolis, Minn.
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of the aorta lead to hypertrophy of the left ventricle when, as is
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in infantile convulsions. During dentition children suffer from
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stable-lofts to the heat of the sun, and this too when the ther-
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pression of spirits it promptly exerts a beneficial influence. In
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This is a valuable little book on this much tabooed
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small doses it improves digestion, both stomachic and intestinal,
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included) as his "Traite" in question is selling on the
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dull, heavy, aching pain, are benefited by hamamelis. Hemorrhages
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In meningeal inflammations, especially in the subacute forms,
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rhage; and, further, the case shows that the catgut ligature may be re-
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attention to the fact that, in five cases, I have found great
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the body. Of course, we cannot learn it from books. We must
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whilst from the commencement there are marked evidences of
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the temperature comes down to 98° and a fraction. If this can
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jection of a certain substance on a tumor, the examination being
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ledge of these distinct from each other, learning the uses of each.
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had great pain in back of neck for the last four or five days ;
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It is in this condition of things that I have thought it
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healthy, the pus ichorous, bloody, offensive and dirty, kali phos.
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gated. Locally : Ulcers and diseases of the mucous tissues, with
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how intimidated and crest-fallen must not a smatterer feel
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My only excuse for bringing this brief note to your attention is
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disease similar to that of which it is the consequence — a
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agent is useful in promoting diaphoresis in the forming stage of
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from overdoses of santonin which has been reported presented
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Horsemint was a favorite remedy with Dr. Wooster Beach
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will lessen the amount of urea in the urine and prevent uremic
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"Nearly all agree that cactus acts decidedly upon the cardiac