near the heel. Often has shivering, but does not feel cold at

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No. 3, for 1870. He finds that " ergot contracts the minute

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The result is a grateful relief to the sufferer and satisfaction to the physician.

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nonspecificity of the reactions with the various dosages

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would be assigned to those duties for which they are

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Extract from a letter from Dr. A. J. Howe, Professor of Surgery, Eclectric Medical Institute, of Cincinnati, O.

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ing set for May 3 to 6, 1943, in the Hotel S.tatler, Buf-

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and The Medical Society of the State of Pennsylvania

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nifying glasses ; and in the case of those that were in

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of age, and depends alone upon his practice for an income, does not

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nosis, will promptly be made available to all the people.

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you are gaining weight, avoid fats and sugars; (9) if

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Frederick M. J. Walp, Lieut, (s.g.), U.S.N.R., New River,

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rollment of subscribers in the Medical Expense Fund

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the public and to the medical profession. Only in 1908

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Section on Obstetrics and Gynecology — Roy W. Mohler,

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had cases that were under intravenous anesthesia four

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students’ facilities and faculties. Proper organi-

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have been obtained. This is perhaps too high a concen-

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Masks should be kept at the post where the protective

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moved from the crude ferment, thus rendering Webber Pepsin S.

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Sig : Take two teaspoonfuls in water, with six drops of oil of gaultheria, three

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in a poll of the doctors in the surrounding territory,

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ical materials are used in the manufacture of gas masks,

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tunity to continue the education of the public with