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special therapy and dressings, special laboratory work, x-ray examinations,

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the root of the disease as grounds of distinction, it is inconsistent to

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presented to Parliament, by Dr. John Burdon Sanderson, on the disease

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other forms (this, according to Schaudinn, is only apparently so).

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Students of both sexes are admitted upon presentation of an approved high

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Among the cases cited by this author there is one of

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even at the present day, we are acquainted. Pereira says of it, ' The

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Dr. Ray : As to the possibility of removal by endo-laryngeal methods

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It should, however, be remarked that this method is not the only

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which oxygen is brought into contact with the blood in them.

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pterygoid fossa and notch, by which each process is divided into

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model, and repudiating all futile speculations, he details the simple results of

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with picric acid one per cent, in spirit. The surgeon

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is possible for such a person arriving on a vessel from

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such as syphilis, animal vaccination has been recently re-introduced.