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the doubt in my mind as to the condition present I would like to

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with Simon's Deontologie Medicale, for largeness of

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sors, into whose hands these essays fall, are not disposed to read

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tion more profuse, there is a greater degree of constitutional irritation,

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the heart. Bollinger called especial attention to the great frequency

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knife is positively declined." With regard to adults it was

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extension and flexion of the foot and toes are well performed.

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component parts of a cancer as revealed by chemistry, that the substance

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stances in private practice. Persons whose i have been long left off, and have never

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' Dr. W. Viering : Ueber die Hellang von Sehnenwunden, Vlrch.

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year, at least, in 11 out of 40 cases. He also found

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enclosed in a system of vessels possessing extremely thin walls, and

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expectoration. He now perceived a small swelling below the right nipple, which,

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dicating their claims to many of the reputed Discovc'

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occurred. With reference to the exceptional case, I must observe that for ex-

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The post-mortem examination confirmed the diagnosis of cerebro-spinal meningitis.

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•often, as might be supposed, with neuralgia, are followed by erythematous

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plete ; in only one case — Case III. — is diminution of memory

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ment (probably by reason of the Nihilist fright), and now

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ignorant of the underlying cause, it is convenient, as a provisional

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view of these facts, together with the patient's request,

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according to the manner in which it is taken into the system.

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■ Thoso istoiested la tliii ijmbol Bboald eotiBnlt HctilleiDUin'B Tro;

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liver and of the heart of normal and of diabetic dogs. Dog 1 was diabetic for

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was supposed to come from an abscess connected with the carious ver-

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(2) English Epidemic of 1863-65. — The second great epidemic of

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into the lungs, and the gastric and small intestinal mucosa. At the same time a

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from the Babies' Hospital and the dis})ensaries of Bellevue

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this bill, since proficiency in the basic sciences is

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members, old members who are not practising, and members who are absent from the pro-