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the stimulus to contraction lies in the cardiac musculature itself.

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candidates are invited to submit a resume to be kept on file with the Society. An announcement of a physician’s

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infectant, antiseptic, and parasiticide. It forms a slippery

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The various data resulting from a study of the action of quinine

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the soda should only be stirred into the ingredients just before

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alimentary canal that exerts all the powers known to be pos-

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develops during the invasion period and the basilar meninges are not involved.

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no sugar ; on one occasion only a faint trace of albumen ; and

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profuse secretion of tears, and an extreme degree of photophobia may

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some in the handling, of doubtful efficacy, and not without dangers,

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scientific and legislative. The separation of the fnn^

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soft, and flabby. On the inner surface, particularly of the musculi papillares

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cold baths, six being given in the twenty-four hours, and the result, which was excellent,