features of the disease, which pursues a course which is largely afebrile.
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20 MISSOURI MEDICINE/January 1988 — Vol. 85, No. 1
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reasonable, at least in the absence of better means, to
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the ileum and is found at the apex of the intussusception. In
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syphilis of bones, should, therefore, be as prompt as possible, and the
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which entitles the holder to visit it for one year. It
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certain amount of decomposition of an unimportant kind
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10 ug/kg per minute such as 10% dextrose at one and
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nian Lectures, delivered in 1849 before the College of
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seriatim: Pain is circumscribed to the hepatic region, and radiates to the right
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himself to reporting only ambulant, that is to say,
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from the centres for ideas to the motor speech centre,
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and pharynx is frequently i)resent in cases of epidemic parotiditis.
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the present day and try to prevent it? Ross suggests, which has been
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tion into the ventricle, the amount of blood actually circulating
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Nasal Catarrh. — Dr. Ed. Function, in the Journal of the American
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return to the normal state. We believe that this is impossible
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a curved course, with the convexity toward the right upon the
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year’s leave of absence for an eminent investigator
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the inner ankle, whence it passes to the sole of the foot and divides
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On the care of the ear during the course of tbe exiinthem-
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Dr. M'Cormack addressed the meeting for over two hours, holding the
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in other cadavers the differences were slight, as — 0.62° C, — 0.77°
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should have no effect on the pressure in the vessels. The lactic acid solution
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The superficial glands were not enlarged. There were several
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advantage is sometimes derived from resorting to blisters and Todd's mixture.
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3. Radiography is indispensable not only in demonstrating the
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carbuncles, from the latter of which few confirmed opium
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solidation of the tubes. This consolidation does not go on
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terial antigen was detected in pretreatment CSF from 19/21
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on percussion are — no dulcess, sometimes slight tenderness
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instances recorded, delivery was not completed with the forceps; for when
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diagnosis of tuberculosis — both had Pneumocystis carinii