been full of evidence how generously and ungrudgingly he

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Morphia, hypodermic use of, in operative midwifery. By M. Rhorer, M.D 108

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entered the minds of the best educated medical men, leading them

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ber 44 being the first of these) which presented the

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potatoes ; that is, the disease originates in guinea pigs as Avell as i

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hatch the eggs ; the favorite duckling would topple over and

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ate and fair in his official rulings, Dr. Par- for the ensuing year and inducted into offi-

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The pathological findings in parrots show enteritis with cloudy swelling

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from the back part of the upper end of the humerus. The third,

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both Funds more useful to the Hospitals. By Henry C. Bur-

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especially active, the elimination of phenol in the latter condition

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mission of vibrations) and the conditions which determine

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made immediately after the administration, and I was assisted by

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140 (T. 9, p. 28). Of these 140 cases, 29 died; that is, there was a

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but the profession will be slow to appreciate the wisdom. Upon

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tracted by a Sims speculum, may be justly fearful of the

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■ Inlfmat, Mad. Clime*, vcd. iii, Becond aeries, p. 82. .

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the late Mr. Liston possessed the head of a femur which had

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mended as exceedingly serviceable against haemoptysis. The most

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ing, when two sharp darting pains were perceived in

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meals, and then daily to eat three or four pounds of grapes besides,