(2) Quinine has a slight hsemolytic power, and Koch has noted a
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ports, and if from healthy ports, satisfactory evidence
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Detroit, 0.35; Chicago, 1.00; Milwaukee, 0.33; St. Louis, 0.51; San
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suffer much from cramp of the muscles of the legs or feet, occurring espe-
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effects are severe enough, some of the little vessels that are just
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Washington. Dr. Robert J. Preston, Marion, Va., was elected
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some extent sexual purposes. Diminution in keenness of olfac-
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and essential condition is not an inflammation of the substance of the
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49. Statistics of Amputations at the Hospitals of Paris. — Dr. Ulysses Trelat
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course of tlie disease, and the patient lived two months after
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to the nature of the disease causing death), provided shipment takes
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to preserve it. When this operation reveals itself to the taste, that is to say,
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alopecia areata is said to have been observed; bald patches on the
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rhages were more frequently met with than now, but still this com-
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mission of vibrations) and the conditions which determine
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cotton-wool can be obtained throughout India at the
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matter per rectum, is in good health, and able to do her
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cavity in the brain, and death occurred in the eighth week. Autopsy showed
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thought it was probably tabes, on account of the inactive pupils and the
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Prophylactic vaccination with killed cultures of Type I, II, III,
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Lancet, Lond.. 1886, ii, 115.— Jennings {■}. E.) An im-
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ceeded in getting themselves enrolled, dow it with a lasting and honourable
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in various European hospitals, I quote the following list, com-