The tube is of silver, with a caliber of a third of an inch.

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swallowing, a sound is heard which is interpreted by some as fluid passing

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tuberculin. I think tuberculin should be used, however, in cases of

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and pathological chemical laboratories have also been estab-

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the public health. In view, however, of the threatened

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cases of the kind were undoubtedly described by Graves, general attention

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Before the warrant issued for her apprehension could be served, she escaped

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human sul)ject in health and disease. In other words,

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than any class that we have sent out these many years, we certify to the

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I have found it to be a certain and quick cure of the disease, free from

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of matter from without, but to the effect upon the pyogenic membrane, which

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sciousness. He is unable to swallow ; unable to rouse ;

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est side of the road to the other coach. Nothing can be

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the foetus had died. The vagina was found to be obstructed about 3 to 4 cm.

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liver. This patient did not suffer at all from the incision,

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when under microscopic examination it can be seen to adhere

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than these, are diffuse and circumscribed areas of diphtheritic inflam-

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about two inches. The bowel and stomach were then incised, and