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arm-to-arm vaccination from a healthy child, on the eighth day. In
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not be the most healthful residence in the world. Never-
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ing him to wait hours, until he completed his task for the
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precisely similar to that of the " Eclair;" and if these cases be
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The walls of these veins are often thickened and contain phelobolitbs. The
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as a form of athetosis rather than as a variety of chorea.
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on for a considerable time without evacuation, septi-
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cian, was asking fifteen dollars to deliver a baby at the
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times by complete aphonia. Otitis appears later, and is accompanied by
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equal weight, while the iliac and femoral arteries of
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rience, and therefore wish to emphasize the statement that we
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now obtained refreshing sleep, a.'d the following day she
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Dr. Whiting : What strength do you use the ca-rbolic acid
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2nd silver medal, Edward Collett Shoppee-; certificates — 4th,
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((•) Railway tratHc suspended and leave from army stopped. " Railway Van Disinfector "
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not certainly, due to the general instructions which, in thirty-
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I therefore submit the following practical projwsi-
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and slight and it often forms a part of a more extensive disease, of which other
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The President informed the Convention that he was in pos-
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in which a general peritonitis is associated with appendicitis.
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The most rapidly destructive cases of laryngeal tuberculosis,
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culosis is much more rapid in the hog, which is frequently tuberculous,
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Forcible working of the ends of the bones upon each other was practised
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It is stated that Dr. NichoUs and Mr. Carter, the Medical
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advantages from disappointment on other occasions, and time alone
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way, it means a life of intolerable suffering. I have
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duced 0.76 per cent more internal fat than those on the narrow ration.
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inferior to the low wines of France, and was valued at about
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and Citeaux, penitentiaries, — and so on. Anyone who
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On comparing tliese cases with the general clinical history of
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Permanganate of potash is useful in quantities of one or two
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signal for her to come back, when she soon came off with
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bark of old trees, from which it is scraped off, melted in boiling
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by the author to the General Medical Association of Cologne, Deutsche vied. Wochen-
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