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^ Read before the Indiana State Medical Society, May 12, 1893.

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American Medical Association was inaugurated for the protection of the

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is elevated to the first rank as an internal remedy for neuralgia. Arse-

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intestinal glands, the digestive liquids being lessened, or affected in regard

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children ; and he attributed this non-vaccination in

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attention. During the past year several towns have made

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the alternate action of air and steam, the same compound

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Sometimes the attacks repeat themselves with photographic correct-

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and better in winter. Her general appearance was very

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supervision Patients with a history of seizures or epilepsy should not be abruptly

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is clear. The dropsical effusion bus slowly decreased, and it has not been necessary again to

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the ulcer. There is proliferation of the adjoining fibrous and glandular

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and the frequent existence of affections of the throat and nose, enable us

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the sea, which seems to be the maximum limit. The apparent excep-

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the asthmatic attacks first yielded, and afterwards we noticed

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operating in appendicitis as soon as we believe there is a pus forma-

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became so violent and unmanageable, that it was found necessary

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March 2-5, 9 a.m. — A post-mortem examination was made.

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dren do really possess a greater power of resistance to diphtheria

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instance, distilled water) and by the blood being kept for some