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Deathrate in Manila. —Surgeon-general O'Reilly has

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Change in its character — Dr. Autenreith's observations on the causes capable of

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The origin of carbohydrates from protein in the animal body has

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attack of epilepsy, possibly due to syphilis, and prescribed Gibert's syrup and iodide

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Tumefaction of the region is absent and there is no fever.

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" Pneumectomy for relief of tubercular abscess of the

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Sheppard, having no relatives, left his whole fortune,

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all communications for it should be made to the publishers.

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which had the effect of putting him hors de combat.

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but in other epidemics the proportion of deaths is very large. The latter are

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which was shortly after Bruns introduced this plan of treatment. The

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rhea, to say nothing of syphilis. By making a bacteriological examination

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