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cology . . . staff earnestly strives with tutelage . . .
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traction of the smaller arteries of the aortic system whid
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effects according to the social position of the individual and the habits
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Awarded on recommendation of the Chairman of the Department of Dermatology of
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during life, but that remaining in the bladder after death was
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chine, with its valuable and ingenious improvements. I consider the Instrument, the
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year-old sailor who had lost Ms eye about a year previously
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vigorates the powers of digestion. The change of air acts beneficially much in
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cleido-mastoid muscle. The treatment had illustrated the effect of the supine
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accompany each appliance. Bags, bottles or tins of hot water
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So long as the stomach is not overtaxed there is little or no distress, for
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latitude ; it is almost unknown in Iceland, the Faroe Islands,
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cinoma, and sometimes in gastric ulcer. D. L. Edsall and C. A. Fife *
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fit them with glasses if necessary. They state that only
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Charles John Bennett. St. B.artholomow's Hospital: John Gover
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Of the first of these complications, the late Due de Berri (who
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Since the begimiing of the year three aneurisms of the
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Very exceptionally does this method keep the patient
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It has a stimulating effect on the tissues. It can be
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palse 80, respiration 18, temperature 97.5; eyening, poise 70, respiration IB, temperature
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exposed in order to control the efficiency of the fumigation in each
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theory accounts equally well with Laennec's, for the gradual
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national Workers Order. Davis’ lobby, the Committee
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of the admiral in charge. The diary will be published in early
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August nth. — Temperature, 995° F. ; pulse, 126; 31
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droxid, the leucin, if present, will assume a yellowish-brown hue. Tyrosin
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lants, and they are to be given, as regards quantity, in proportion to the
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Camden were tested for tetanus germs by the State bacteriologist
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appearance of vesicles. A central dei)ression has also been noted,
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ranged on the walls and ceiling in the form of rosettes, ara-
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skin may be widely covered with guttate or nummular lesions. Or the
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bonate of soda, one drachm ; compound spirits of laven-
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11 a.m.; Royal Westminster Ophthalmic, li p.m. ; St. George's (oph-
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often to incompetent doctors. Then, too, the care of the
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In 1986, the rates of reported gonorrhea in Valencia and