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that person’s part. It seems to therefore become the

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Doctor Morse, who was for a time with Mr. Sanborn, but has since

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although extremely slow in using the pen. General health

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indorsement, and was sustained in his position by the

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in various European hospitals, I quote the following list, com-

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tonitis. The commencement of an acute difiuse peritonitis, where the

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Pages 19-20, Table LVII.3. Under "Final disposition in CON .

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treated efficiently. Alcoholism was absent. She had sustained no

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be of any assistance to the prognosis of a spontaneous cure. The

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return, if fifty tickets are taken. For this ticket send money

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In grouping the later physicians of Aberdeen, some difficulty in

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shown that tlie effects of the baths are cumulative.^ When the

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gave plenty of it, and kept the patient profoundly under

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it. Pr. Brown-Sequard, as we are told, declines any possible

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fully vaccinated, and has been exposed to the contagion of

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establishing the very curious and remarkable analogy which he

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its hands. The energetic work of our Legislative Com-

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plished, is usually ascertained in America, therefore extraneous matter and dis-

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takes place. However, as long as we are ignorant as to what these

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quantity of the former, the sputa become of a yellow color, or of the

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ble of infecting mosquitos. This fact, of prime importance in the

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siderably altered ; in some cases, as in certain forms of gastro-iutestinal

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that I shall not have it to eat presently. The benefit of eating it presently,

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fundi were normal. There was no diplopia, nystagmus, hemianopia

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letter over to the lawyer that presumably trouble shoots

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efficient measures ; or sufficiently caution the inexperienced

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stances where B does not exist he must introduce A and produce the

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with negative results as to any discoverable relation be-

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ments are liquid does fecal matter escape from the va-

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are treated with this remedy, and I was very much inter-

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Par., 1896, xliii, 184-186.— Fedc (F.) & €acacc (E.) Del

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this, it must be allowed, was often left until .too late owing to

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are clearly described; following which, the diseases em-

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