eous with soul-jarring sounds, hasten the premature endings of
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was the antiseptic used. The patient sat up twenty-one days
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Annual Meeting of the Amer. Otological Soc, Niagara Falls, Canada, June 3 and
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were French-Canadians, 5 other Catholics, and 5 Protestants: —
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tions favors, to a certain extent, the absorption of that gas.
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Xew York City, the American Medical Association, the Medical So-
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In 1878 Dr. Brewer matriculated at Hamilton College, in 1881,
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The forearm extends from the superior limit of the wrist
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later. After a visit to the medical centers of Europe, and the usual
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in company with Drs. Mott, Duprey, Bliss, and others, organized the
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external intermuscular septum in the region of the tarsus,
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centre of membership, and though the meeting was held at (to
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the relative degree of different forces is to be exactly found, the
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nessee and the Carolinas. Dr. Alexander Pierson Wylie
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symptoms : tickling and irritation in the larynx, inducing cough,
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Homceopathic Hospital, and two years later opened a
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and Suppurative Meningitis;" Operation; Death; Autopsy (Archives of Otol.,
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* * 1874, and is a son of George and Elizabeth (Leupold) Pfeiffer.
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factor in the medical jurisprudence of the future. Morbid states
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Although the clinical and anatomical phenomena of rickets have been
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of the vaso-motors. The heart, in cold-blooded animals, beats
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and cure of suffering. Her relaiation was found in the
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internal and external. Now, these septa divide the sole into
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Dr. Klein then related a case that had come under his observa-
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tice they are usually termed muscular rheumatism, especially when they are
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spinous processes. The articulations between the vertebrae and the ribs are
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bone marrow has been shown with certainty. They proceed from the so-
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ately on his arrival in this country he entered the Uni-
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finally passed appointed a State Board of Examiners.
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time until her marriage, at twenty, she was employed at general
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Ward's Island Hospital, and in April, 188-1, engaged in the private