the period when the cancerous element was superadded to it.
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the numerous cases of pediculosis in fever wards, E. Lynn
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for the digestion. There is nothing in it. I remember
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but after a time descent of the heel is rendered an impossibility
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morrow. The price will then be paid in lost business as we
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whose leg became caught between a tractor and a tree. He
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ty — has given him great anxiety lest the disease sliould terminate in stone,
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during the act of coughing, causing hemorrhage, and sometimes,
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had occurred. For none of the attacks was there an obvious cause. The
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with the substantive rank and minimum half-pay of a Deputy
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intention, derived an additional motive for recommending it.
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several members of her immediate family were afflicted
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means of a canula. When she closed the tube, she could make herself
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results to the people whose means go to- which is found in similar positions abroad,
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the motor paralysis. This may be explained by believing with Van
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Therapeutics.— This combination is prescribed in cases of consumpiion,
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which had first made it appearance when his health was broken down by the
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and better in winter. Her general appearance was very
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that he might count on resuming his ordinary work in six
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appears to have been lost, either from the redoubled preju-
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Symptoms oh Admission. <>n admission, the chest <»n percussion appears
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ducible by such an injury : it lasts longer ; outliving all the
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surgical treatment; that the Wisconsin Medical Inetitute and the
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this distinguished practitioner states that he lost seven, or one
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pass water ; looks at flanks. Sometimes, however, the
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ity with which this preliminary operation can be done.
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sciousness returned. It was some days before all the febrile symptoms dis-
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