ri4] Speares and Debono, Journ. Roy. Army Med. Corps, 1919, xxxii, p. 430.

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of a ligature to the innominata artery was not only Mott's

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As a consequence of the spinal lesion there is a degeneration and

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The constant presence of strongly proteolytic gram-positive spore-

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MlUta has been observed in Austria, and some parts of Bavaria; but

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*' regular and uniform, when art has not interposed her salutary aid;

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of the Vienna school of medicine, such as Skoda and Op-

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without an attack, who were not only epileptic but maniacal ; I also

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binuriea (.Sehwarzwasserfieber) und Chiuiniutusicationen

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twelve days; m the other, by two grains in about eight days. It has been

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Nevertheless, M. Langenbeck is inclined to believe that the use of the bath

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afterwards. Between the larynx and os hyoides there were two parallel

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