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tiatiiiii ill vvliii'li tln'\ aii' lii'M li\ tlir liliiml plasma, ;iiiil nut .'is tlii'v "•■-

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With these figures may be compared those of Bannatyne (293 cases),

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ney and ureter — pyelitis, pyelonephritis, pyonephrosis, tuberculosis of the

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other cases, with fairly extensive ossification, the skull is parchment-like.

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nf C0_ at the end of inspiration. Aecordinsjly. the averaire of the pei-

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together in cortex or medulla, the former being the favorite seat; the

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an ice-bag may be applied, althou^ a hot-water bag or hot moist applications

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dl ;lii' Milriilniy mil! iiiMiluiii;i,y nrrM.us sysicins S7<!

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ship to lymphatics than they do to lilood capillai'ics. The tissue spai-i

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palpation revealed the small beat, but a tracing was necessary to prove it was

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does not jjroduee the same marked vasoeonstricf ion that it lu'odiiees in

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pleeant ion is to prexelit tlie eailiiill iliosiile nl' llie liliioil I'lom lieill'J

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• ites at the iiKiiiieiit the xcntricle lieijins relaxiiiir.

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Ifl. Trillins: 'o slmw tliMt \m_'iis -'ininlMtioii mm .liiiiinisli t rMiisniission fi..ni

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twc.'ii limituiTs, ami tlicii .Ifii.Tvafmu' llif ci'iilnil i.oucli l.y caicfully

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Minnich, whose analysis of cases is very painstaking, follows von Cyon

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■ ■'lih).' dues not necessarily mean tiiat it is the jiart of tlie heart in

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monary osteo-arthropathy. The metacarpal and phalangeal bones were

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ana sclerosed IjTuphatic glands m the fatty tissue. An increase and dimi-

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and lymphatic leukaemia, or have brought forward arguments for or against

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• •onsi.ler the exa.'t mchanism hy whi.'h thes.> alTcrent impulses o]).'rat.-.

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potassium iodide, arsenic, and the salicylates have been employed, as well

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l-.n,.,,,, ;„„i r. innuim il„- I,,..,, i., ,1„ .-,l„l,,m,n f..r -.uw linu-. (l-„„n Jarki-nn.)

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6111 deaths from appendicitis and 7501 from peritonitis being reported as

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carefully followed m order to learn indications of value. Thyroid extract

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cases the size, shape, and consistency of the thyroid differ considerablv from

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disseminated tuberculous infection, the tubercles appearing as minute gray

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«lilT. rene,- ni th,- ,|....mv.- to uhi.-h th,-y .-an .-xeit.- the s.-er.-tion Water