Now, the parties too often primarily guilty of this crime are the doctors;

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methodus medendi. But not unfrequenlly the disease bides

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murmur usually disappears with the removal of the cause which

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the irritation and produces anemia; the symptoms as

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" Dr. Slop, in ' Tristram Shandy,' is believed to be the caricature

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the investigators and authors in their researches, and to elucidate

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died of diphtheria on October 22, a3t. 49 years. He

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traction of surrounding tissues, as in hepatic cirrhosis (including malarial

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Sectio Cadaveris — Forty-eight hours after death.

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that this form of mixed infection is regarded by some as constant.

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erably longer time ; although some species (notably of

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tive diagnoses or treatment. When there is bacterial skin

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In answer to a question from one of the Fellows, Dr. Colvix said that

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saving. Many good teeth are sacrificed by the dentist or surgeon not

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showed that we had indulged the prestige and pride of Litchfield

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utilization of carbohydrate are almost invariably acid in character, and

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The measures of treatment we may discuss as antici-

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4. Epileptiform convulsions are common in cerebral tumours. They take

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age, who, more than any other, exerted an influence

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not apply to lymphadenoma. In this, as in simple hypertrophy, the

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eign bodies in the eye. Ann. Ophth., St. Louis, 1898, vii,

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characterize certain cases. Paralysis of the face and hemiplegia sometimes