(3) The loss of central vision is always progressive

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mains for the most part in the cavity of the pelvis, ard she described symptoms

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absent, and evidences of this afiection are exhibited in other por-

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5,900,000, of whom 3,100,000 are men and 2,800,000 are women.

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activity. According to Loeffler, cultivation upon blood serum and

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as on the pleura of the right lung. In the upper part of the left

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hausted, and fell into a quiet sleep. When I called in the evening, he

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close to the hilum, and all haemorrhage was found to have been

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February 24-March 1— 57th Annual Postgraduate Convention. Loma

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contrasted with the ordinary neutrophilic leukocytes of pus and the eosinophilic

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ant Physician to the Westminster Hospital, relates [London Medical Review,

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ingly difficult of diagnosis. Our case belongs to this

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That the coagulation of proteins by shaking is not dependent on the

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Pellagrin 25 was alcoholic and committed suicide when 45 years of age. The

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Symptoms. The symptoms of congestion of the lungs vary greatly^

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tives, and friends, and even the physician, are further

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• > r<r aC<Lr^^<^c^. y~?^A^c^f //re, &> /? 7 * t e, fZ/</t~e_tt-

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the difficulties that attend one engaged in active practice,

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to everyone who has paid ever so little attention to the dis-

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mixture every four hours. Case 1. Acute periostitis of the femur,

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Chronic disease of the heart, particularly valvular disease, leads to

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purulent and too thick to flow, and others in which there is little

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In this paper ipecacuanha alone has been considered, not its

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to be a case of pyelitis, and not of appendicitis, as we at first thought.

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usually attributed to the action on the nervous centres of retained

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