sprung sideways to tlie sidewalk to avoid a horse, and, his feet slip-
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or entering into the composition of, one or more of tne larger
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When the spina bifida results fix>m hydrorhachis externa, the wa J of
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out indication of any flow. She had never position. The edges of the vaginal inci-
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expenses are refunded. The board-money is ten dollars a month, to be
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as typhoid fever, prolonged anemia, or such like. In these cases
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ciliary mrves. In favour of this view we have the feel-
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it would surely be in the papers. I Tried to explain to her that
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If infantile paralysis is transmitted in nature largely or mainly
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This work on climatology, by a young physician, commends
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color. It produces powerful intoxicating effects somewhat analogous to
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compare favorably with the orange groves all ladened with their golden
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the latter theory. I believe that a bacterial cause
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mistaken as to the natural instincts of the female sex, it will
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" surgical kidney," because of the single-sided nature of
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sick. This mode of spread of the disease through directly and in-
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ticularly at the base, from portions of which the dura can be separated
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a case of psoriasis the patches will be found most often on the tips of
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may be expressions of motor irritability; again, genuine epileptic
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Plantar and i)alniar warts, Dubreuilh (15), which are so
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Beitrag zu (leu Ziindliutchen ■ Verletzimgeii de.s Auges.
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chioles. There may be collapse of lobulettes of lung connected
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squarely on the floor, or on a foot rest ; and to keep the upper
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of wire. The tongue was pressed down firmly with a tongue depres-
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early diagnosis in a patient with spontaneous pneumotho-
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similar to that of Algerian sheep to anthrax. Even then, the
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He stated that he had had syphilis when fifteen years
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large surface, their effects are similar to those of burns ; they
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