character, or become a lymphangioitis with its ramifications and its rose-col-

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the herbivorous rat all succumb to anthrax. Numerous examples could be

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organizations in affiliation with us, that they strictly enforce the

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(1) Standard influenza virus antigens, type A (PR8), type

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much scientific thought and sound argument. Its usefulness is

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platelets. A somewhat prolonged coagulation time of the blood

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but the greater their saprophytic faculty, the more important becomes

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Chickenpox is not a fatal malady, whereas even a mild form of smallpox

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administered during tedious labor will augment the energy of the uterine contractions,

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in practice, an antibacterial serum is of no avail in diseases where toxaemia

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" k And yet, gentlemen, these diseases so contrary, these two opposite poles

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attempt, and without reference to whether or^not the woman be

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"\dtal capacity" of the lungs. The vital capacity of the lungs is

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of their nature. This is attained by expressing concentrations in

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(1944) a single standard copper sulfate solution was

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diphtheria, or suppurating glands may appear in the groin as a sequela to

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fection is acquired during the bite of the infected "punkie" (Culi-

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standard nutrient agar after 48 hours' incubation at

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(2) Test tubes. Heat resistant test tube (approximately 15

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ulcer, as it is now, being still exposed to constantly recurring

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the patient to toss and throw herself in different positions, often

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Secondly, there are degrees of transmissibility ; in some cases a predis-

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are titrated with standard sodium hydroxide solution delivered

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oculate tubes of infusion broth for the isolation of

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a warm, equable atmosphere until the parotid swelling has entirely sub-

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wire is turned back on itself about 3/16 inch to form an attach-

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cremasteric reflexes, though sometimes absent, are for the most part

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ml of cold distilled water. Allow to stand for 15 to 30 minutes.

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ingestion of food. If this precaution does not suffice to

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local or it may spread by direct extension, or by the blood stream,

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with those given in c below when attempting to isolate enteric

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hard, firmly contracted uterine mass that I had assured myself

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58. The common bladder worm of the pig with invaginated head ; the same

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inches ; from symphysis to umbilicus, eight inches; to sternum,

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school on the above subject. A synopsis of the papers received