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In a few instances the patient had to keep his room, and per-

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thrombin formed, the effect of adding a small amount of oxalate did

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of the meninges, and thickening of the small vessels, with the appearance

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two faculties are thus admirably suited to our necessities, and to the

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favorable effects on the stomach or intestines having been observed

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duce turbinal thickening, chronic rhinitis, or naso-

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period. Feebleness of the action of the heart sometimes exists to such a

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the hip necessitates, before tightening the silkworm

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statistical reports published in 1840 ('Ann. d'Hyg.,' vol. 2, p. 340) by Dr.

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very light case of the croup the night before and was all right during

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patient subsequently died, and the aorta was found dilated and

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were discovered microscopically, and not one of the 40 injected guinea pigs con-

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telligence. Numerous smaller changes '^'^^ originals of these lectures, entitled,

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disease. At a later period convulsions are much rarer, and may l)e

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of his profession or the business of the farm. The poor never

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The effort of tlie University of Wisconsin to extend its

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Internal ophthalmoplegia is paralysis of the entire internal musculature

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Pctersb., 1886, vii, 768-771. Also, tran.<<l.: Compt rend.

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^OQps: 1. Inflammatory affections. 2. Structural lesions. 3. Func-

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by Drs. Hafikine and Simpson, in Calcutta last June. It

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med d. r. esercito [etc.], Eoma. 1890, xxxviii. 51.3-530, 1 pi. —

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solution of iodine be added, the degree of starch conversion will

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administration of drugs which have a presumably antimicrobic action

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coonts, advise the impotent husbands to refirain from seeing their

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were the parts to which our attention was chiefly directed.

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A Manual of the Physical Diagnosis of Thoracic Dis-

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excreta from all these lice, however, had been demonstrated to contain

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upon intolerance, and is most damaging to liberty of opinion,

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