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cessive layers which differ in consistence and color. In general they are
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support the powers of life by nourishing food. The other danger is from
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noted " abdomen down to normal measurement, 30 in. ; no ascites detected :
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ognized the danger of distention as well as of the septic
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the machine running at a high rate of speed so as to pro-
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in the Iowa test the stock food was the only variation from corn
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shock was produced, which there can be no doubt in several
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animals are thyraidectomized and after several weeks they are bled and
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attention which her case required, unless I abandoned all other business.
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cretion of phosphoric acid, are evidences of too strong
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Piliilce Catharticce Composiice. Compound Cathartic Pills. (U. S. P.)
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ture of the medical laws of the several states. Such logic is not quite
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was owing to some element in the moist climates themselves.
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jaundice, it is found crowded with disorganized erythrocytes, this hy-
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both, of course, attended with fatal result. But if this twisting takes
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been considerable anasarca, the patient had passed only
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that certain agents notably affected temperature, and quoted
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cult. It rests upon the association of the presystolic thrill and murmur
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in a striking manner the curative effects of alcoholic stimulants.
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rqx)rts this symptom in 170 out of 200 cases of appendicitis which
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selves and use no extra exertion, can wait a much longer
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John of Gaddesden, who is also spoken of as Johannes
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5. Cummings, J. G., Spruit, C. B., and Lynch, C: Jour. Am. Med. Assn.
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by our own countrymen. It is proper to add, however, that Ballard
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Mear's mouth-gag there is a tongue depressor to keep the tongue out ot