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turpentine. I pass by all of these remedies, since I am sure
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part of the chest and the middle portion of the arm. Then the bandage
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Advised*the use of antimony tartrate per anum, and the application
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formly bloody, the color being almost as deep as the blood it-
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the fever lasts. You have no right to think that you will be able to
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January 1st to February 24th of the present year — embracing
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tives, and friends, and even the physician, are further
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In the course of his Presidential Address at the November Session
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has deprived the insane of their liberty, can do in return
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rest. In other words, we do not make use of all the
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Operation. — Patient etherized. — Skin-incision one
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otherwise the verdict would, in my opinion, have been
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reform of the Navy Medical Department, and a due recognition
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namely, that the food shall not be too great at one time,
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ing of doctors to their patients of "a course of goat's whey and a
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the probability of pulmonary embolism is too great. — H. N.,
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connexion with tuberculosis, he designates " phthisical in-
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iu the milk house was simply to wash the cans, never
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quires, and the author in this production seems to have hit upon the happy
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Also: Province in6d., Lyon, 1897, xi, 285. Also: Gaz.
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stoiiHieh, a diagnosis which was concurred in by other
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the numerous cases of pediculosis in fever wards, E. Lynn
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address, delivered at the school to which I am attached, has shown
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plus Wassermann. There were ten other cases in which there was a
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j Sarcomatous transformation of uterine fibroids, 760.
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periments in the most rigid manner jjossible, and upon a larger scale
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to the classification of different forms of lupus erythematosus are not