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accordance with the by-laws, was void under s, 39, sub. s. 3. He
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albuminous. The interesting feature was the constant absence of casts and
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both of the former classes are due to the effect of the
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the gall bladder. It was almost like a string of beads, the whole
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in object and method, from the Review. The latter concerns topics ra-
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meridians (the ribs of the umbrella) was increased. This in-
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beta-lactams (cefuroxime, aztreonam, ampicillin) have
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lies and minute arteries to their ordinary size, at the time when, the
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casionally in Europe and .^ustralia. instances of in-
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medical education required by State Board of Health, and provided
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tumor beneath the left costal margin; a history of hematemesis
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the upper and posterior part of the cul-de-sac, and,
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Are not nine-tenths of our patients living in greater or less
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but had a decided return of the brain trouble, for which
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did we train for this career? Why do we undertake the
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anomale. Eiv. clin. di Bologna, 1883, 3. s., iii, 813-818.—
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out the duties that would be assigned to the boards.
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tercurrent. These tAVo forms j^articularly affect men betAveen the ages
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to appear warning of the dangers of injudicious treatment
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diuretics or hydragogue cathartics upon the dropsy, the ingestion of liquids
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misses a great deal of valuable information about the
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Entered Charity Hospital, ward No. 13, bed 199, December 8th, 1869. Features of face
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the chest," which confined him to bed five weeks, and
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for action ? The post-mortem examination removed this doubt. •
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cision, the sphygmograph and the cardiograph (the latter being
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Epilepsie. Deutsche Ztschr. f. Chir., Leipz., 1893, xxxvi,
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Boston Medical and Surgical Journal, 1885, cxii, pp. 469^71.
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hood. Has had numbness and tinglings in the hands and feet since
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savoring of touting and canvassing, and very apt to breed ill-
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men, who are now being crushed by the work of their hands. — Medical