rior part of the organ to the posterior inferior, and extending over the capsule

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too short or unnecessarily long, according to the condition of the

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epizootic diseases partake of the rheumatic type, and involve

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public will soon find it out, and bestow on them the

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to, although it is obvious that the pathological condition will fall under

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will put them back. Examination shows them to be ex-

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containing a globular body called the nucleus, which itself in-

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the symptoms. The change is generally one from a condition in

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days. These convulsions I ascribed to debility, and treated as such.

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daring the respiratory movements, and are often developed in the third part

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discs with central circular apertures of three to five

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In some cases remissions may be so complete for many years that

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cate the disease, the elements of which still existed,

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be found equally adapted to the wants of the student for sys-

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to him ; for, in Dublin at least, wherever the instructions de-

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hard, irregular tumour in the abdomen, the precise nature of which

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Of the vegetable diuretics Digitalis is to be preferred, given in infu-

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marked. It was aspirated on two occasions, but latterly has

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alleged negligence on the part of Dr. Robert Smart, surgeon

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matic excursion, and also the failure to recognize the significance of the

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ture, that a warm or hot climate is most congenial, not only on the pro-

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varied complications, such as inflammation of the lungs, inflammation of

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measurably explain the local morbid processes attributable to their

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inability to AA^rite Avas as much a result of a lesion in Broca's i-egion as

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slaughtered for several months the cyst will undergo

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nection has given a new dignity to the latter science, new

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55 males and 42 females ; deaths, males 30 and females