of the lower jaw. It forms the lower border of the groove on the
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occur in the summer and in the autumn, even late in the autumn if
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the astragalus, he j)roceeded on the same plan as that
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" The stitches of the seam on the front of the limb having been cut with
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should afterward be removed to the open air and thoroughly beaten.
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trary, the two diseases are so often combined as to very
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of identification are needed, as in the case cited above.
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cholera-infantum, does not occur in the mortuary records.
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1. Necrosis of hepatic cells showing ballooning of the
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der chirurgischen KHuik zu Basel. Jlit vier Tafeln.
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seems to us that the prosperity of our country depends on
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ary. It is very probably of toxic origin, and according to Ford
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that are in a generally satisfactory condition, without too large a pro-
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phuret of silver be left in the finished drawing, the drawing is slowly bleached,
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formation in a condensed form, and, Avithout entering with
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zation be a better word ? The French acclimatement is euphonious
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by the human organism. Its superiority ^j^^^^^ France, there has been maintain-
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very tight stricture of the meatus resulted. On page five it is
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Dr. Eden said that he agreed that it was dillieult to find a satisfactory
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The countenance of the woman was truly horrible; spasmodic twitch-
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profession this method may be preferable because it
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3. The removal of the cerebellum has no effect upon siiperfieial sen-
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tissue varies from a few fibers to a definite membrane, and it seems to push
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