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line between the head of the femur and the margin of the acetabulum.

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legs and feet. The turf and hunting stables stand at the head.

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South, and that cases of the disease observed in the North

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Acad, demfed., Par., 1882, 2. s., xi, 425-441. 4Zso, Reprint—

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is not fatal, as a rule. But after compound fractures

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intolerance, after prolonged administration, showing itself as a disgust

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erate with him and his counsel, so far as it lawfully

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ureter and turning the divided end into the bladder. The results Avere

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like the moan of the dog, prophetic of death. Large tears fall from the

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"The anterior roots derive their fibres wholly from the antero-

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transfusion from vein to vein. But Denis was the first to

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but that some diversity must exist in the character of the

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all things, sacred to ^sculapius, and was kept in his

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of the form of an experiment will save a long description, and

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I would state, as the first principle, that every patient suffering from

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" Fragments are removed from various portions of these specimens, fixed

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Darling does not agree with Williams and Arnold, that a sub-

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In spite of the experiments of Rabinowitsch and Kempner, the work

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jury to say whether the positive evidence given by the plaintiff and his sister

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Whbrbas, As a number of trained nurses from the training schools of Phila-

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were much enlarged, varying in size from a hazelnut to

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Norton, William Augustus, M.R.C.S., Alderton, Suffolk

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kind was patience and perseverance. The chief difficulty in his

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133. The alterations of the blood give rise to many of the most im-

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