Selter, H. Ueber das Wesen der Tuberkulinreaktion. [On the nature of

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in sufficiently large amounts. The intravenous administration of

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spleen, kidney, and other lymph glands. Only in the fourth case tuber-

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The authors then review the various forms of osteotomy, linear and cunei-

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8. S. Solis Cohen. Angioneurotic Manifestations in and Around Joints Fre-

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That it may take place in a condition such as acute articular rheumatism

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symptoms. No icterus. A thickened gall-bladder containing a

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own advantage, if his will to do so goes deep enough, and the

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large, sharply outlined areas of complete necrosis through which one

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can, no excess; bile absent; acetone and diacetic acid absent. Many

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epistenocardiaca and angina pectoris. In this condition syphilitic arteritis

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tremors of the whole body, but especially of the arms ; violent

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ter death ; or of alterations in the structure which do take

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without compariosn with familiar facts. For this reason Table

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1913, complaining of severe pain localized to the left tonsillar region and

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rate of this operation. No case of air embolism has yet been recorded as

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Another very important point, which our studies have brought

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of action of the changes in the secretory function of the mucous glands may

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ples of the dislocation of the head of the radius forwards, struck

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abdomen became so distended as to overhang the pubes. The girth at the

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imposed on me. The time was fixed for the operation, and,

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Tonsils much inflamed endangering strangulation, the specks

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A diminution of the fibrin percentage in plasma (i. e. less than 0*20 per

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great as to require the water to be drawn off every two hours." " Practical Ob-

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