several slight accidents from its use. One patient was recover-
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in whicli the abdominal glands had become infected, while
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of quinine showed itself several times to a moderate degree,
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15th. — Pulse 80, weak and slightly arrhythmical. In the
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these spasms became general, the reflexes, both superficial
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Sellis. (Wills' ' Circ. Evidence,' p. 97.) He was found dead on his bed
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purulent exudate covering an exfoliated and hemorrhagic epithelium.
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Physician. Medical Education Collaborative at Napa. Fri-Sat. Con-
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the adjacent structures to the presence of such a large
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Other symptoms which have been noticed in patients suffering from
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The following were elected officers for the ensuing year :
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tive Committee. Dr. FlenJnghas very accurately represented
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ortal circulation is compensated for, in a measure, by new channels of
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little was known of the therapeutic value of this drug on
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to be a case of pyelitis, and not of appendicitis, as we at first thought.
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organs is in different degrees diminished, impaired, or exalted, the
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scanty and occurs in specks scattered irregularly through the tissue. It
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Mr. Nicholson, daily at 5 p.m. Sessional Course, £4 4s. ;
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vulsions imply, the prognosis is good, so far as life is concerned. It
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investigated on general principles. The patient should be thoroughly ex-
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and Belgium, accoriling to Coley, and in Switzerland, accord-
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only know that it was in use at the dawn of our histori- i
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gout, or some slight inflammation after injury, in a
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ward." The succeeding paragraph is very properly on facial carbuncle,
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beg to draw attention to that important surgical region,
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ing to the latest examinations of Loffler, and also the
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ing the surface from the intestinal contents. A full
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liquor ferri perchloridi, tannin, alum, creolin, and even the
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Accordingly the oil* was subjected to fractional distillation at 14 mm. Hg.
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The dose of powdered Nutmeg or Mace is 10 to 30 grains,