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from witnessing the practice of M. Trousseau, who employs this salt with great
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occurring in connection with tuberculosis and cancer involving the
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pulled bread, zwieback. Fruits: Baked or stewed apples, stewed
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(3) The loss of central vision is always progressive
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The Whisky Tonics. — After this sarsaparilla inci-
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in wounds of the face; also in wolf and cat bites, which frequently
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cutlery, tobacco-boxes, and in the private albums of young
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ened with this solution, applied to the skin and covered with oiled
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viii, 430-434. Also: Ann. Ophth., St. Louis, 1898, vii, 5.54-
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mittee, of cutting the first sod of the Hodder Valley Extension
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struggle to get away as described by Perroneito,^ who says, "She makes
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