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wrestled for the mastery, and in which a slight unforseen pre-
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blood through the liver, and consequently portal congestion engim,^
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has been four times negative, but now the luetin is still strongly
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-}■ These worms were sent to Dr. Radius and exhibited by him to the Medical
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with a sharp pointed instrument, so as to produce a flow of
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sonal withdrawal, so ostentatiously announced, affected
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receiver, and was diffused as it entered. In seven minutes the dog appeared
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edge, by appropriating the avails from examinations to the
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-Health possesses is the full and hearty co-operation and endors-
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logically there is a further distinction, based on the
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will not permit me to go fully into this matter. I will call
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example, students, employees, health examinees, and blood
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her husband had had the fever. About 7 o'clock in the evening the
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As indicated by a loud, metallic cough, emaciation and debility,
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were the only difterences between the so-caUed "granular"
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exploratory incision, as is the practice in the Johns
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fold ; convulsions or congestions of the brain, from the long-
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raised as much as possible to a healthy standard, and Mr. Bryant
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Garrish, Dr. J. P., albuminuria without convulsions, 377.
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the above solution and 280 gm. of mashed potato for 10 days ;
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39. James R., get. 1 year and 5 months. Erythema et ulcera colli.
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and therefore, the antipyretic measure in itself was a ra-
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me in one way or another during the progress of the investigation.
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presents itself to us in this form, because thus far we have met with
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been noticed by Murchison and other observers. Indeed, Liebermeister