necessity for the use of li\dng organisms. An ideal vaccine should
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anaesthetic now, she would recover her voice. While she was in the light,
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the right parietal eminence there was a gush of pus.
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three or four very short papers, of which the most important is
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upon the accompanying bronchorrha'a and intercurrent attacks of simple
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bodily exercise — but especially swinging, wood-chop-
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The term symptom has been defined to be '' any circumstance
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Arantius, who also was one of the pupils of Vesalius,
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confidently recommends the apj)lication of lard, ap-
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Dr. Birdsall has devised an improvement upon the former instru-
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be principally based upon the absence of the characteristic physi-
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tension at the knee, and sometimes where this power was ab-
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zations in other provinces, and a delegate is appointed to represent
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after I left the country, in 1845, and the young people did
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photophobia. Will be facilitated by a drop or so of
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to cholera last summer is interesting and important.
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jects as evolution and heredity, and the student is, therefore, referred
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It has been stated above that dicrotism is due to the con-
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poorer class of patients who present themselves at our ophthal-
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boiling water until a thick, pasty consistency is reached.
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serious symptom in such a case. I have seen the whole lower abdomen
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oatanh of the respiratory mucous membrane, and a peculiar eruption,
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work as a developmental task. This use of anticipatory
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ntoxicafing liquors-the 'fatal effects of cold are more rapidhy rested
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infected, of numerous families in which only one was infefted,
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years old had very long horns, the parents both hummel. J A
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perpetuated. A sand-crack never unites, and a new crust must
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preferred. From five to ten grains may be given at a dose: Take ofSvl-
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they suddenly emerge from this condition of mere protracted existence
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The eyes should be kept clean. It is safe to bathe them in warm
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which will greatly assist the student in obtaining a clear idea of Anatomy, and will also serve to
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diagnosis, however, would be one difficult to make without the aid of
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They were certainly very frequent, but they were not
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upper portion, and a patulous foramen ovale. The aorta
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An Infirmary will be attached to the Institution for the benefit of the poor,
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12, 1858. Cited by Corre. Traite des maladies des europ6ens dans les pays
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the dried organ and the whole run through a pulverizer and re-
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long. To those, indeed, who suffer from more than one relapse,
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may be tried in case of intestinal fermentation. A considerable
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periences of my own. The plaster of paris dressing is not only
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remedy against the recurrence of a urino-genital inflammation, to which
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Reprinted with permission of the Editors of that Publication.
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occupied in its first year have been augmented by 750. Its annual income
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short time, probably on account of this manipulation of mine. I think
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rather than pain under the sternum ; pneumonia, as a rule, is unilat-
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during elimination, as a stimulant to the mucous membrane
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The mere fact that the cellular tissue has become involved or that pus is
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the nervous system — a neurosis — either inhei'ited or acquired, and that
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8. Give green walnut-leaves boiled in milk. — Mayer.
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allowing nothing to interfere with it, were rigidly carried out, and taught
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