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to a slight degree, the disease disappearing spontaneously. Five

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President of the American Pediatric Society. Letters of re-

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selves. But such was his devotion to the interest of this Association

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vented him from obtaining any sleep. I examined the

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tubular substance of the testis, much of which could be seen

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referred to. It is in the beginning firm and full, but after the first

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house disinfection, has shown that animals, such as dogs and cats,

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Persons in robust health can not realize the importance of

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irritant, its spread or diffusion, and its eommunication from one person

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hill on the Lausen side. The well was walled up, covered, and appar-

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pardon. Although hanging for half an hour she had felt no

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physician and attendants, and even to the patient himself who often

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tion of the meninges of the spinal cord through almost their

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Rogers leave this week for a month's vacation hunting and fishing in

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this : do not perform the operation in exhaustion from uterine

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such as long periods of waiting in our offices cause resentments

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to deficient oxygenation of the blood. While the face is flushed and the

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saliva b increased. Uremic vomiting is also usually of centric origin. The

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functions of the body generally were impaired, in all his cases, though

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drugs by the mouth and rectum are not usually experienced

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cock, which may easily allow of the escape of gas, and consequently give rise to

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gress all the comforts of life, but not necessarily curtailing its

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ture in what have been termed the nervous affections of the lung ; we

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were excellent, and the energy of Mr. M. M. Moore, acting

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tive measure should be repeated, or an operation be performed with a

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Blackwelder, Verne H., Lenoir; Univ. of Pa., 1929; U.N.C 1929 1931

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