or put sheets on the body and bandage the legs. When conva-
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a focus of chronic inflammation in the spinal cord ; and that the symptoms depend
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Looked at from above, the valves were seen stretched across the aorta, and each
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the axilla ; of these, the one situated highest and nearest the axilla was
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See figure 10. The leader again counts one, two, three, four. At one the arms
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obscure conditions arising in summer diarrhoea. There
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The signs which denote the presence of liquid in the pleural cavity are
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scheme for England. If tlie Council agreed to sanction the-
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J. A. Smith respecting the fever in the Mauritius, Mr. Adderley
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under the influence of chloroform during that period, and hitherto no
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throat, which circumstance, together with the fact that the upper
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voting power by numerical superiority would still rest with the business
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use water-closets ; when they do use them the closets should be disinfected.
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of the admiral in charge. The diary will be published in early
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sure; then put foot in a Linseed poultice made up soft with hot
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These are the chief rules, so far as I have been able
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their conclusions ; and with some changes in technic he was unable to get
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_ Dr. Martin then read an Interesting account of the collee-
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1899, vi, 1-9. — IViclou.x (M.) Sur le passage de l alcool
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induced; diet during day consisted of toast, jelly, iced brandy and
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notions ; he entertains an exalted view of himself — his mental capacity,
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tributed by the city government, which were considerable)
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few months. In fact, the disease not iinfrequently proved fatal to infants
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107 Medical Towers Building Little Rock, Arkansas 72205