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not more than an ounce at a time of the saturated solution of borax,

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front at right angles to the body the scapula becomes winged and

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pleted ten years' service, is granted the honorary rank ot Captain, May

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real condition of the patient may not be diagnosed during life, but

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Attacks of labored breathing with stridor have been reported as

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which his opinion is that of an inexperienced amateur,

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This important work contains a summary and analysis of

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muscular tissue during life, whether from the deltoid or the gluteus,

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cocaine, boracic acid, sulphonal, or salicylic acid, but the

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of great alarm from fear of falling. This is so instinctive that there is

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Mulwioen BUI O/'prnifinn Fund. — Tt was agreed that no

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under the terms of the scheme of the College of Physicians

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is always raised by exercise. In phthisis, the morning temperature

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and in other operations about the lids, three drops of a 3 per

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■<2) The Removal in Sequence of Eight Polypi from the Body of the Uterus

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The German Emperor has conferred the orier of the Red

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a tiny cestode, not more than 4 or 5 mm. in length, consisting of three

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patient. All the natural hollows about the ankle-joint are filled up, and

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7 a minute. Jaundice always causes a tendency to hemorrhage, and

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and the first signs of redness over subjacent bones noted. Fever

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Surgeon-Lieutenant G. BiDie, Madi'as Establishment, is appointed

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guineas to the Royal Hospital for Diseases of tlie Chest, City

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or both of the adrenals by supposing that the wasting is the ultimate

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was a notable scientific discovery, because it established the great law

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proper naming of this condition of disease. I confess that,

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association of a pulmonary cavity with spinal caries points

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heart pumped blood by which it was fed from the reservoir

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The halting and impotent decision of the Medical Council