clared epidemic at Mecca, and in the villages along
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forefinger. Of the pecuhar prolonged thrill often observed on pereussioo
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years of age, Italian, married, and a nullipara, was
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of urine. As the irritating matter removes from the kidney down
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morbidity — at least, a very definite range of pathological
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mark the spot where the bulla was situated. Before the first blebs
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mant I'efficacite de I'electrolyse lineaire dans le traitement des retre-
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It will Be yours forever, you are a Beautiful person who Brings
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soft and pulpy, and its colour opaque and yellowish, with perhaps a Caini
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seen in the background, casting a horoscope of the newly born.
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dermia, vaccination, small-pox (12, 14), " prickly -heat " (22), herpes
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the most beautifully marked case that I ever saw. The patient has post-
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cision is carried by careful dissection down through the
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A History of ]\Iagic and Experi^iental Science During the
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Col In- Jones DG, Gear R et al: Ranitidine 150 mg twice daily vs 300
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of a V-shaped segment of lung in which the linear markings were
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a new pestilence imported from Africa into the West Indies;
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Remedies were tried witliout relief. It was suggested to him by a friend, on
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the names he gives are those of people who are dead. He frets under bis con-
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eyestrain, and may be relieved by correction of an error of
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nine, who had for flfty-two years carried a mitral lesion,
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scapular region but is central and passes backward to the mid-
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doctors since 1 899. Our legal and claims management experience is
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This matter will be alluded to again when we come to speak of orig-
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for<^iven if he is anxious to bring successful clinical work before
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larger number of fibres of each optic nerve cross over
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refraction. (2) Bad case-recording , omitting the life history of
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and very painful locomotor ataxy, in which the acute and sudden attacks of ago-
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stering Tagamet by continuous infusion or any other route.
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cure the epilepsy by repairing the defect. Von Eiselberg is
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pelled him, however, to take a rural school, but he returned
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Principle of Osmosis to the Treatment of Toxaemia."
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remained confined to the coasts and became distributed only moderately
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to contnist with -aus (thus avoid aluminic, ammonic, etc ).
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the whole matter is that the medical oftic^ is powerless un-
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The increased thickness and density of the mucous tissues, re-
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and heart-disease, and are termed by him peptic, bronchitic, and cardiac
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nosis for a cure in old ulcers is less favorable than that for those of
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