contraction. Of the former of these nothing very definite can
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Low, M.A., M.D., LL.D., Professor of Materia Medica and General Therapeutics iu
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opinions of various authorities, rather than the result of
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and immediately afterward it was found that the cerebral symp-
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When the poison was inserted under the skin of the thigh of a mouse and of
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of the lower jaw. It forms the lower border of the groove on the
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Bronchopneumonia appears during the second week in a large pro-
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educated and judicious physicians, but it is, men we meet with everywhere; and we need
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We will consider the latter class first. The medicinal treatment
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done to cure the deformity and give her a more useful hand. There
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the sides of the anthrai must be drawn together by broad strips of sticking-
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There seems another possible explanation. If we may
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upon all our readers, who may have tlie care of infants, that a
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tion, and other conditions. In many of these cases, the
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articles of steel have been observed to acquire magnetic polarity. Dr. West
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sable to the ophthalmologist, are unnecessary for those who do not
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come exsanguine, and be in danger of dying from its
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Symptmns. — Watery discharges; no appetite, but great thirst.
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medulla spinalis, which rarely occurs in the traumatic, but is occasionally the cause of the
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There is certainly no necessary connection between anarchy and insanity,
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of plants, fruits, or pulpy farinaceous substances acted on by
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" A deep inspiration is apt to induce cough, when the struc-
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page Plates in Colors and Tints. Philadelphia : W. B.
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tigations reported, and would have remarked further upon a
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treated by antitoxin, for not a few such cases when untreated develop
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oviforme of the ureter and kidney occurring in man was
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sible for him to walk the streets at night. The trouble was greatest with
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parts of the fundus, especially about the yellow spots, there were
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found by different observers as distinct forms. Some of
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ural lesions shows an indubitable relation between the nervous system
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progressive increase in the size of the head, attended with persistent pain. At
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supposed cause in the form of simple peritonitis, or metritis, &c.