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a fortnight after the operation, he suddenly called out, fell back, and gasped

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line. Fibers with advanced changes at one end may appear

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try to talk some ; but she whispered that it hurt her so that it

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should be applied not sooner than eight or ten hours after the apparent decease.

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and proper times and methods of quarantining against them,

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lence is reduced while the production of streptolysin is not affected so

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and constitute an increase in the number of its colourless cells ; this is leucocy-

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The Delaware County Medical Society held its regular monthly

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standard measured quantitatively. But is this any reason why no attempt

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future endeavor to seize and extract the child by the

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Lupus Erythematosus of the Face and Oral Cavity. —

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fluid is decanted, and the residuum washed with the

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not because it presents any especial discovery or, at

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for the cancer sector alone, think of the potential savings

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should be borne by the State Society dues structure;

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Scholz in his studies on the three cretins above referred to concluded

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starvation an urgent feeling of hunger is not a prominent symp-

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been working simultaneously and independently, have established the ready

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is heroin, and like all the other opiates, it cannot now

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have awaited him. Again, if the endocardium alone be Effected,

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to year, shewed itself with less striking characteristics, while other

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It cannot be stated with certainty from the simple ana-

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putrid substance protruding, and, drawing upon it, suc-

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Report 2. (Slides and sections from gross specimen,

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prick of a pin was only indistinctly felt in the sole of her left

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which it is employed. A perl containing three to five minims can be

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hemiplegia certain nerves appear to escape implication, and certain others,

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symptoms, but had found that digitalis relieved them.

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been greatly enlarged and corrected since it has become

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of careful selection of recruits for the army, and of the frequent injury done

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fore, said that she had grown to think that she was not susceptible to the

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of cases — a larger proportion than is associated with

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urinary shoots as regards size, form, and frequency ; (6) the

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(1) Acute Pulmonary Oedema, Dr G. W. Moorehouse; (2) Myocarditis

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paragraphs to this subject, going into the minutest details and