due to or accompanied by typhoid infection. In these cases
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vical cord contains fewer nerve fibres than the spinal nerve roots shows
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time; and subsequently a large blister was put on. The bowels
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Phosphorus enters the blood in part as phosphorus, in the
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in uraemia is probably only in small part due to the comparatively scanty
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The operation itself should be done as quickly as possible.
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disease, chronic myocarditis, and early pulmonary tuberculosis. The neuras-
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made that day, and the fourth the next morning. The
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the knee was brought closely over and nearly past the umbilicus, when
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anti-constipation pills which are useless and ofteni positively harmful.
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Pregnancy and Chloro-Brightism. — The relations between the puer-
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in this instance, until it be set aside, is, in the light of
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admitted to the Minnesota Valley Medical Association, which later merged with
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tionably a municipal function, if not an obligation, but it is ermallv
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auricular intermission, but a study of the child's pulse shows it to be of
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fluid, or viscid mucus, or pus, or blood, as is well seen in
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later the stage is apt to be ; the more generalized it is, the more recent
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CONCUSSION OF THE BRAIN. Mr. W. H. Bennett .... 456
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has an irregular feel as if there were a bony deposit
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observations included the functions of circulation,
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rheumatic (jout^ nodosity of the joints (Ilaygarth)^ chronic rheumatic arthritis
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rate fee. The coroner, simply stating that he had no funds,
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physicians, more family practitioners, more surgeons, more
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acquire more and more the character of hospitals for the
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roots passing the ganglion. 5'. In a, the anterior root divided. 6. The posterior
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ill effects, such as hemiplegia, should ever result. There is a pathological
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Foundlings." Xeither caused much discussion, but a curious
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and foetid. When examined m bed, there was considerable fulness
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If there is any deduction to be drawn from the fact that 1,500,-
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uary and November, when the hospital wards have pure but heated air by
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cuss available services and will then refer to the appropri-
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us keep our auscultatory instruments in our pockets.
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a more just mutual appreciation of the knowledge and
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mation of sounds, are to be placed in the first temporal convolution ; and lesion
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were irritated by the pounding of the heavy organ. In
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speak with him. I heard the answer, and noted the tone in which
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sium confirmed my suspicions, I put the question, she admitted that
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the intestinal catarrh are influenced by free saline purgation.