Snow, in the Med. Times and Gazette, 1857, I^To. CCCLV., p. 379. The
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again !) as meaning " bending of the knees inward."
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panied by great nervous irritability. A good prepara-
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searching examination should be made. Mr. Lennox Browne
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survival after gassing, in animals which have been killed or have
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which a memory is retained by consciousness ; namely, vertigo.
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those of the worst forms of syphilis, have followed
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breathing is more embarrassed, and the oedema of the lower extremities increased.
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threaded with antiseptic silk, the needle is drawn back again through
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generation may reach a point where it is incurable; second, because it
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4. To his intellectual and moral habits being such as to stimulate biro
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These were tied, and then, as there was some oozing of blood
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in a thin membrane of connective tissue, which is attached to the
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acid. Liebreich is of the opinion, therefore, that practical experience
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ber 25, 1901, read a paper on his observations in Pckin
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complete healing, ichthyol often succeeds well. For
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stomach juice had oozed out of the small incision during one of the