recognised the disease, and formulated an account which, in the main,
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silver, that they may not touch thy body : have them
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Field Ambulance: Major Kappele, of Hamilton, commandant;
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ratus which would answer the purposes of the neurologist
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of an able surgeon. This is its special character. It neither is, nor
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shall have been overcome by a steady perseverance in the use of appro-
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the family and the absence of undue or unaccustomed
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Kohlmoos H., 4377, San Francisco, Univ. of Giessen, Germany, Nov. aa, 1893.
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spherical bony case capable of resisting lli<' atmospheric pressure, the
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thritis, pericystitis, and, dependent on this latter, distor-
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permanently interfered with, through implication of the
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Chronic Osteitis of Tibia. — Mr Davles-Colley' thinks that in chronic
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acid are sometimes present, and of no diagnostic import. Volatile fatty
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tinuous presence of the irritating cause. When the biliary
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28. Tracheotomy in Children. — M. Giraldes is of opinion, that the rules laid
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hemispheres. The symptoms now present are persistent headache,
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fact is, that all gymnastic exercises should be symmetrical,
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sequent loss of elasticity, is indicated by the absence
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The College of Physicians of Philadelphia does not as-
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Evaluation Clinic at The Medical Center, University of
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given. The examinations are fully illustrated by surgical and
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chest ; thence obliquely down to the right to the fifth rib. The murmur is