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up the topic before the obstetrical section of the congress.

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The spongy substance is found within the bones, and at (he extre-

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the agar. This bacillus is Gram-negative, takes the counterstain

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bilical cord to a kind of placental mass formed at the fimbriated extremity of

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sist in an excessive hypertrophy of the epidermis over a circumscribed

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viously described (leucoprotease), in weighed quantities, were

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there is no doubt but that morphia, given by subcutaneous

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ing friends and relatives, not realizing as . }^ ^^^ child develops a violent attack of

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The albumosuria of fevers, which is usually slight in degree, may be

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fraction of fifty per cent, of the whole number who received the benefits of the

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It is hoped that sufficient has been said to explain the origin, advancement,

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inclination to discuss. Those who are infected, men as well

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' Diseases of Childreu. 2 Diseases of Children, p. 199.

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confess we thought this unmannerly, but when they evinced their willing-

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reason for being than the mendacity of hysteria, though

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The dura mater was obliterated at that part where the tumor

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Murphy, M. D., Chicago; A. McPhedran, M. D., Toronto; Thomas M.

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amined. It was found to be rigidly contracted, allow-

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* Abitraoi of a P«p«r rMd a( the Stfth Annual Meeting of the British Medioal AnooIa-

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c Clin. Med., par A. Trousseau, prem. tome, p. 738,

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It must not be forgotten, e^'en in the favorable reports of most of

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only, in feeble and tubercular subjects, you will have

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The author has given chloroform about seventy-five times, besides the number

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goat sera. I was restricted to the use of a female goat for the

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work is altogether exempt; in despite of such defects, which I am

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a meuiber stated in relation to it, to wit, that he;

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physician and surgeon for five full and complete years, in these