the place of the destroyed cornea is hard and opaque, and

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of AMI are at increased risk of such complications."^’^

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thorized a conclusion incontrovertibly established, that the intel-

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Associate Director of the Association of American Medical Colleges.

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if he has a supernumerary spleen, an extra finger, or an anatomical

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The Wisconsin Medical Journal (ISSN 0043-6542) is the official publication of the State Medical Society of Wisconsin and is

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Many facts indicate that the inhibition of one nerve-

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in bondage to the doctrines taught by Galen centuries

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the Medical School, at a time wlien the school property

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tinued to swell, and the second or third day after the applica-

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Report on Laws regulating the Practice of Medicine in the

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2. The valuable essays published in the Massachusetts Report show

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fetal-neonatal death, so we arbitrarily selected 42

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gravity (Renaut). Scarlatinal nephritis, which is often benign, may be

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says that for four days she has been in nearly the same con-

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to separation of the mucous membrane which does not admit of stretching

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allowed in abundance, in order to support trie animal strength.

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from which no caution or foresight can protect an individual, is so frequently

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badly-smelling secretion flows firom the nostrils over the cheeks, and

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its gaping diameter not one drop has issued. "The fluids are stag-

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the horse to man by contact with the infected discharges. The disease

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lungs, he says, the capillaries are both dilated and increased in length,

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Case II. — Mr. J. operated on several times with the litho-

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believe that in this disease the absorbents of the intestines abstract a

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doubtedly syphilitic, and a cure was effected under a spe-

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students treated with thymol, the average why does it occur so rarely under three

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important point is whether the sinuses are low down in the rectum or

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