Fever in Montgomery, during the summer of 1873. The cases of the disease

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the colon-typhoid group. Culturally and morphologically they offer very

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torial headed " An Attack on the Diphtheria Antitoxin."

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usually with or soon after the chill. It precedes the latter symptom

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tinued during the first six weeks of his residence here. At the end of this

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formed me that she had had a nice sleep, the catamenia had

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fails to distinguish between red and green, and both are often

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drink. Dr. Mnrchison states that he has tried the mineral acids,

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affected. Blepharospasm is the form of the disease attacking the eye-

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and twenty pills, three or four times daily. When patient left

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point of cleavage it was enucleated completely. The tumor belongs

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duty as guardians of the public welfare, and holding

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tions are to soothe the inflamed skin and to relieve uncomfortable dis-

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8. Keep the weight on for 4 months, or use a Thomas

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strate) by reason of the non-shadow-casting calculus being surrounded

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the absorption of some product of inflammation; neverthe-

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perature during convalescence is a warning to exercise careful

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ness or huskiness. This will serve at once to exclude laryngitis. I have

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We have found that when cocci, once sensitized, are ex[)osed

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do the lawyers in every considerable city? You do not

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Management and Treatment of Congenital and Adult Dacrocystitis— Ralph O. Rychener,

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bone marrow, the remissions of the disease during menstruation and relapses

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the case of Dyson v. Dyson (Vice- Chancellor's Court, Feb. 18, 1852), it was

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be appointed by the President from the House of Delegates to act in

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Order III Hypotricha. ^Mobile Cihata with well-developed dorsal

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eburnated, and a considerable amount of creaking is produced

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ways, but their destruction is far more due to direct invasion by the parasites

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headache from meditation, the open air, or movement; extreme tender*

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prisoners. Correction officials referred to it as a "prison ship",

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The review of the question of typhoid infection from oysters is full and

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To remove the diseased structures. To open the lumen

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the past year, increased its net and gross cash receipts, its surplus to

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to reasonable health, though he did not speedily regain his full

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The section of Anatomy and Physiology, D. W, Wells,

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of thin sole leather Avell hammered. On exposing the viscera and

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and rigidity of the right limbs ; and marked defect in the sense of

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removed and a gauze drain put in in its place; to facilitate