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prohibits referrals from a physician to entities with which
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physician — was sent for, and arrived at this stage of the case. He
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more than one-half of Dr. Quain's cases, the age of the patients was
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I wish to call attention to our having general working knowledge of
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Group I includes twelve persons whose symptomatology, physical
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skull is about two-thirds that of the human average.
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for the guidance of juries on the issues of which hang life or
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influence of ergot (Squib))'s fluid ext.) for several
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which are produced are different. Usually the first
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siderably greater loss of fat, and a somewhat larger nitrogen loss
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first appearance, the latter the point of its first di-
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are infected. Ten per cent of the goats supplying milk to various
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Ix the consideration of cholera, the next point which
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exhaustive examination, keener observation and better
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nacetin, has received more attention in this country as well as
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favorable des r6vulsifs appliques sur la region splenique.
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were much enlarged, varying in size from a hazelnut to
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vi, 573; 034. AUu, transl. [ Abstr.] : Gazz. med. <li Pavia,
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electro-motor be used, or by interrupting the mechanical
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days the sutures are removed, and when the wound is healed,
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28, 1894. This society is one of the oldest and most
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Swasey, E. Eye afifections from kidney -disease, and in pregnancy,